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Innovative Livestock Services

Livestock Link Pty Ltd is Australia’s largest and most reliable provider of specialist livestock marketing services, including business development, all aspects of facility operations and management, and the provision of labour services to a range of livestock enterprises.

Starting with humble beginnings in 2005, Livestock Link has established a team of highly trained staff who are recognised throughout industry for their competency and professionalism in managing livestock operations, developing and adopting innovative technology systems and changing operational procedures to improve efficiency and profitability.

Livestock Link has over 350 staff with a widespread presence from Northern Queensland to Central Victoria. Livestock Link was the first company servicing large scale livestock trading facilities to gain accreditation for key operational staffing in low stress livestock handling and a formal accreditation in the adoption of best practice Animal Welfare outcomes.

Livestock Link is affiliated with a wider group of companies involved in all areas of the livestock value chain, including livestock traceability, the provision of livestock performance management software, various aspects of agricultural infrastructure asset and investment management.

Livestock Link is a sister company to Livestock Exchange who provide software for livestock management solutions and IT support and as such has immediate access to a broad range of company resources and systems.

Livestock Link continues to challenge the status Quo in the livestock industry.

Services Offered

  • Business Development

    Livestock Link is developing generational change throughout livestock markets with the adoption of automated data collection, processing and traceability systems. Providing the identification of potential growth opportunities, developing cost saving efficiencies, with support and monitoring of implementations. Livestock Link strive to expand and generate new business.

  • Operations and Management

    Livestock Link is Australia's largest provider of saleyard operation and management services including the management of end to end operations of private and council owned facilities throughout Australia.

  • Contract Services

    Livestock Link is Australia's largest provider of livestock marketing services including sale preparation, sale processing, animal handling and drafting, post-sale delivery, NLIS scanning and data collection livestock performance recording and processing. Providing a range of contract services to the diverse livestock industry including saleyards, feedlots, export and pastoral companies throughout Australia.

  • Contract Labour Hire

    Livestock Link has a national network of over 350 staff offering both temporary and permanent labour hire solutions focused on the Agricultural industry.

Our Staff

Highly trained staff with extensive knowledge and experience in the livestock industry

Livestock Link has an extensive resource base with over 350 staff primarily located throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Livestock Link employs a range of staff that deliver services for a diverse range of agricultural enterprises in a practical and efficient manner. Staff training is paramount to our business, with a philosophy and mandate for continual improvement for our employees and clients. Our commitment to, and adoption of improved WH&S, Animal Welfare and compliance, in an increasingly regulated environment is second to none and Livestock Link is to be proud to be viewed as the benchmark for excellence.

Livestock Link is constantly looking for new, highly motivated and skilled staff to add to our team. If you feel like you are up for the challenge, register your interest today or contact one of our managers throughout regional and rural Australia.

Phil Edwards – SE QLD Manager
0427 580 734 – phil@livestocklink.com.au

James Thompson - Southern Regional Manager
0409 964 733 – james.thompson@aamig.com.au

Dan Muller - Northern Regional Manager
0402 551 826 - dan.muller@aamig.com.au

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